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Published: 07th April 2011
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Since 1998, "a large water wheel authority Key Casting of double refining technologies and products "as the Three Gorges Power Station, Longtan Hydropower Station, Peng more than 10 large and medium hydropower station provided nearly 8,000 tons of high-quality castings. Among them, the left bank of the Three Gorges Power Station Unit 1 project general contractor for foreign companies, China for supporting production of the guide vane castings, the only system with independent intellectual property rights of domestic castings and forgings.

Talk about the matter, Shenyang Institute of Technology Management Casting Zhu Qiang, vice minister of the areas of speech in showing pride in their own intellectual property products feelings. This technology won the 2007 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Three Gorges turbine group is already the world's largest installed capacity Generator , Its left bank, right bank, and underground and 26 hydroelectric units in Forging almost all imported, electroslag casting big wicket for the left bank of the project, the only unit with independent intellectual property rights of domestic products, and reached the international advanced level. "We are currently producing 6 sets of Three Gorges underground power station were used wicket." Zhu Qiang said the research has entered the industrialization stage, the market prospect is broad.

Sand Casting guide quality loose leaf instability within the firm

Wicket electroslag casting is the traditional sand casting for the lead leaves, then, to say the new product's unique advantages and Innovation Where is points, but also talk about the shortcomings of the traditional craft.

At first glance, "electroslag casting" process, but not the smelting casting technology is difficult to understand the principles of the people. As a major recommendation of the winning projects, the Chinese Ministry of Machinery Industry Federation Director of Heave scientific and technological work is given a "popsicles forming" the image of the metaphor: like water in Mold In cooling ice, first began their external crystal solidification, due to thermal expansion and contraction principle, likely to cause an external firm, the internal crystal huge false.

Although Heave repeatedly non-scientific nature of this analogy, but let's deep understanding of the traditional sand casting guide vanes of "weaknesses", that is, the metal crystallization process, because after the middle of the first order of four sides, a large steel ingot cooling often smaller, leading to the middle part of the texture of loose, plus additional Debu molten steel in a timely manner, they will form a huge grain, strength is not good. Meanwhile, due to the freezing point of each metal is different from the impurities formed during casting are often concentrated in the middle, leading to poor mechanical properties of the finished product.

In other words, is the generator of Guide vane water bodies in one of the most important of the casting and forging, its manufacturing has been the manufacture of large-scale turbine group facing a difficult problem. Guide vanes in the past to use more sand casting, casting internal quality unstable, prone to shrinkage, shrinkage, porosity, inclusions, cracks and other common casting defects.

Recent years, foreign multinational companies involved in hydropower equipment and medium-sized hydropower development and construction in China and promote the development of China's hydropower industry. Three Gorges power station, turbine important parts orders by international standards, quality requirements, sand casting difficult wicket to technical requirements.

Therefore, how crucial casting of such autonomy, localization, the formation of mass industrial production, as of hydropower equipment manufacturing industry is facing a major issue. Shenyang Institute of

cast electroslag casting using advanced technology, through the "Ninth Five-Year", "15" national key projects ("Three Gorges wicket electroslag casting key technologies") funding, to capture the power slag casting large turbine guide vane material, technology and equipment and equipment of the key technologies.

Shenyang Foundry Institute also has to Dongfang Electrical Machinery Factory, Harbin Electrical Machinery Plant produced 10 sets of copies of the Three Gorges turbine guide vane castings, as Tianshengqiao, Longtan, Ertan, dazhe River, Yellow, and other domestic and foreign Pengshui large and medium hydropower produced 30 units wicket changed the country dependent on imported components for such high-end situation.

Reduce the cost of life increased by 30% 30%

"Electroslag casting process is to ESR refining and solidification processes forming two combined, forming a complete casting casting process.

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